Our Mission


At Thrive Academy we revolutionize education by giving students a chance to overcome their obstacles and become the best version of themselves.  By blending school and home we create a continuum of learning that allows graduates to become multi-faceted citizens who thrive in all aspects of life.  We measure our success not by the number of students who walk across the stage on graduation day, but by how prepared they are to be successful the day after.

We create a space that eliminates the obstacles so students can achieve what the world thought was impossible. 

Through a unique 5-day-a-week boarding model, Thrive Academy provides the ideal environment for students to be the best version of themselves.


Before I came to Thrive, I didn’t think I would make it to see high school. But now, I see myself graduating from college.
— Kia (11th grade student)

I am the

Best version of myself

Unique in ways that make me amazing; I

Love my community and

Lead by example; I am

Dedicated and determined to

Overcome all obstacles; I am

Growing everyday because I am

Strong and resilient


We are Thrive Bulldogs

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