Frequently Ask Questions

Q.  What type of school is Thrive Academy?

A. Thrive is a state funded, public boarding school.   

Q.  Do I have to apply?

A. Yes, there is an application process.  Students and parents must come tour the school.  After their tour they schedule an interview with the admission team.  The admissions team notifies the students of their acceptance into the school.   


Q.  Do the kids live here permanently?

A.  No.  Students arrive on campus on Sunday evenings and return home on Fridays.


Q.  Do I have to provide transportation to and from Thrive?

A.  No - Thrive Academy provides transportation on buses within East Baton Rouge Parish and vans to surrounding parishes.


Q.  Is there adult supervision all the time?

A.  Yes.  During the school day the students are taught by their teachers as they would be at any other school.   In the afternoon/evening, Mentors work with and supervise the students from 3:30pm-12:00am.  At midnight, an overnight security team takes over and monitors students until 6:30am when the Mentors wake the students up. There are cameras in both the school building and the dorm.  Security monitors cameras all night as well as making hourly rounds through the dorms.


Q.  What do their living spaces look like?

A.  Each grade level unit, called a "suite", is designed with a full kitchen and common area, community bathroom -  including 3 restroom stalls, four shower stalls, and a large vanity style sink area, 7 student bedrooms and 2 adult apartments.  Students are two to a room, dormitory style and have their own dresser drawers and small closet.


Q. Are the males and females separated?

A.  Yes.  The school day is a normal co-ed school.  The dormitory is not. Each unit houses separate genders.  All doors, including stairwells, are card access only, inside and out.  Safety alarms are also in place for the suites.


Q. Do the administrators live on campus?

A. No they do not. The Mentors live on campus with the students.  Administrators are on campus from 730am - 10pm.  They are accessible via phone around the clock for emergency purposes.


Q. What do I need to bring?

A.  Once a student is accepted, they will be given a suggested packing list.  Twin bedding, uniforms, after-school and night clothing, personal hygiene toiletries, and towels, and a closet lock, are the most essential items.  For families unable to provide these items due to financial strain, Thrive is able to help.


Q.  Do I need to pay for food?

A.  No. All food is serviced through the National School Lunch/Supper Program and includes, breakfast, lunch, light after-school snack, and dinner.  All meals are all catered in by Chartwells.  Students are allowed to bring snacks as long as they are labeled and housed in their suites' pantry.  Students are not permitted to keep food in their dorm rooms.


Q. Do they need money?

A.  Not typically.  There are no vending services on campus.  Students bring small amounts of money to order pizza occasionally.  School monthly field trips are covered by the school.  However, if their suite groups plan an outing (like to dinner out or a movie), the cost will be upon the student. 


Q.  Does it cost to attend Thrive?

A. No.  Thrive is a public school and tuition free.


Q. May I visit my child?

A.  Yes.  We kindly ask that students only be checked out due to severe illness, dr. appointments, or emergencies and that the school day is reserved for uninterrupted instructional time as much as possible. Parents often bring food/cake to celebrate birthdays or special occasions, however we do not allow daily visits or checkouts.  It is vital that the student adapt to living here so they become fully invested in the program. Please refer to the full visitation policy, outlined in our handbook for more details.


Q. What courses are offered at THRIVE?

A.  Thrive follows the standards and graduation requirements outlined by the Louisiana Department of Education.  Thrive offers all courses that target graduation as well as AP Courses, Credit Recovery Courses, Dual Enrollment Courses and Technical education courses.


Q. If my student is behind are they able to be moved to their correct grade?

A.  Parents can request an SBLC committee review in middle school in order to move students to their appropriate grade.  The SBLC committee will determine if this move is appropriate based on a review of the students file.  In 8th grade and in High School students can apply to be a part of the accelerated program.  This program is specifically targeted toward students who are not on the appropriate graduation track.