Middle school course offerings 

English 6-8
Math 6-8
Algebra I- HS Credit
Social Studies 6-8
Science 6-8
Physical Education
Career Awareness- HS Credit
IBCA- HS Credit

9th grade course offerings

English I
Algebra I
Physical Science
Physical Education
Foreign Language
Career Awareness
Fine Arts Survey

10th grade course offerings

English II
Technical Writing
Financial Math
World History
Physical Education
Foreign Language
Fine Arts Survey

11th grade course offerings

English III
Algebra II
US History
Physical Education
Foreign Language

12th grade course offerings

English IV
ACT English
Advanced Math
ACT Math
African American History
Physical Education
Foreign Language

dual enrollment options

Thrive Academy dual enrolls students at ABC Pelican.  Students can in courses welding courses to earn a technical certification in welding.  Students are allowed to dual enroll in courses beginning junior year. 

credit recovery and advancment 

Students can enroll in Edgenuity courses as a means of credit recovery or as a means of course advancement.