Partnered Programming

EP Sports - Sports and outdoors group leading activities exploring nature and the wonderful outdoors.  Activities include team building through sports, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and outdoor camping.

New Venture Theater - Providing improv acting lessons and an introduction to plays while assisting with team building, character, and confidence.

Film Incito - Providing students with behind the scenes internships at live film sets and teaching them about film production 

Wise Guys Male Mentoring - Partnered with Children's Home Society of NC and Sponsored by 100 Black Men, the program is designed to promote male responsibility in adolescent boys.

Ivy Elite Service Group - Sponsored by Holistic Services, this group offers mentoring through service projects, teaching students to give back to the community in a variety of ways.  The group also focuses healthy lifestyles and making good choices

Young Life - Christian Outdoor Youth Group that offers mentoring to upper-school students as well as opportunities for growth and development through youth encampment experiences

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge - Provides learning opportunities through music, drama, and dance classes. 

Elevated Minds Media - Provides acting lessons, filming, and editing through skits and drama dealing with teenage issues and ideas.

Baton Rouge Music Studios  - Provides individual music lessons for a small group of students, learning a variety of instruments and music production.  (scholarship only)

Yoga Rouge - A partnership with EP Sports, Yoga Rouge provides yoga lessons, meditation and relaxation techniques

Front Yard Bikes - Teaches and develops skills in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, while promoting inclusiveness, mentoring, recreation and academic achievement.  Students also learn how to fix and maintain mountain bikes.


In-House Clubs/Organizations

Student Government
Video Gaming
Driver's Education (16 and older)