After School Clubs and Activities

EP Sports - Sports and outdoors group leading activities exploring nature and the wonderful outdoors.  Activities include team building through intramural sports, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and outdoor camping.

April's Kitchen - Student work with Chef April to learn cooking basics and try new recipes.

Art Club - In partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, students learn about different types of art and make their own.

Drama Club - In partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, students learn about theater and put on their own productions.

Wise Guys Male Mentoring - Partnered with Children's Home Society of NC and Sponsored by 100 Black Men, the program is designed to promote male responsibility in adolescent boys.

Ivy Elite Service Group - This group offers mentoring through service projects, teaching students to give back to the community in a variety of ways.  The group also focuses healthy lifestyles and making good choices

Young Life - Christian Outdoor Youth Group that offers mentoring to upper-school students as well as opportunities for growth and development through youth encampment experiences

Baton Rouge Music Studios Band  - Provides individual music lessons for a small group of students, learning a variety of instruments to create a stage band.

Baton Rouge Music Studios Audio Engineering  - Provides individual audio engineering lessons.

School Band  - After school instruction on a variety of instruments in a school band. 

IGlam Cosmetology and Fashion Design - Cosmetology and fashion design classes.

Gamer's Trinity - Gaming club where students play games like Dungeons and Dragons at Gamer's Trinity.

Crafting and Jewelry Making - Students learn jewelry making as well as other drafts.

Gardening - Students learn about agriculture by maintaining and school wide garden and chicken coop.

Yoga Rouge - A partnership with EP Sports, Yoga Rouge provides yoga lessons, meditation and relaxation techniques

Front Yard Bikes - Teaches and develops skills in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, while promoting inclusiveness, mentoring, recreation and academic achievement.  Students also learn how to fix and maintain mountain bikes.

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